We have the knowledge, expertise and gear to construct Dairy Sheds/Barns of all styles. Our team have completed a combination of herringbone and rotary dairy sheds.


Dunlea - Rotary Dairy Shed

A large 44 bail rotary dairy shed built alongside Rural Building Solutions, in Kaikoura. An impressive 16m radius round yard with all effluent system completed by our team.


LB Dairies - Herringbone Dairy Shed

EQC Repair in Kaikoura, 36 aside yard replacement, crack injection and effluent system replacement.


Bolton - Rotary Dairy Shed

This modern designed 60 bail rotary dairy shed includes an impressive underpass to cup on and off cows easily, providing them with an incredibly efficient and safe environment to work in. We were offered the project and BG Cooke Construction got subcontracted out the project from Rural Building Solutions.

After the 2016 Earthquake in Kaikoura we lost our Rotary dairy shed so as you can imagine this was a stressful time for us. We were lucky enough to have Brad and his team at BG Cooke construction build a new 44 bail rotary dairy shed for us in a pressured amount of time.

Elesha DunleaDunlea Project (Dairy Shed)