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Precast Supply
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Specialising In
Concrete Precast Panels

We offer both supply and installation services for concrete precast panels. Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and installing precast panels for a range of commercial construction projects, including industrial warehouses and superstructures.


Precast Panel

BG Cooke offers high-quality concrete precast panel construction services for commercial and industrial projects. Precast panels provide an efficient and durable solution for building construction. With our experienced team of concrete placers and purpose-built facility, we provide complete precast panel construction solutions to meet your technical requirements.


Precast Delivery & Transport

BG Cooke offers specialist trucking services for the safe delivery of your precast panels to your construction site throughout the Canterbury region. Our experienced logistic coordinators ensure that your precast panels arrive on time to site and in excellent condition. With our reliable delivery and transport network, you can trust us to meet your construction needs.


Precast Install

Our precast team have the experience to safely install concrete precast panels on your site, ensuring a fast and efficient construction process. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry we can safely and accurately complete installation on large-scale concrete precast projects. From planning, and design to final tilt panel installation, we have your project needs covered.



Cranage services provide a safe and efficient way to install concrete precast panels on your construction site. Our crane operators and our wider crane network have the experience to lift and install precast panels, no matter the complexity of the site. Our team will complete full site audits and a thorough lift plan before the work commences and we guarantee the highest standards of safety and workmanship.


Precast Supply & Install


Precast Panel Offerings

Shop Drawings

BG Cooke provides detailed shop drawings to ensure the precise manufacturing and installation of precast panels for your project. We offer accuracy and precision giving you a comprehensive and detailed shop drawing for your precast panel project.

Lift Designs

Our team offers safe and effective lift designs for the installation of concrete precast panels, utilising our knowledge and our experienced team we can tailor a lift design to suit your specific construction site requirements.

Tilt Panel Propping Plans

With BG Cooke’s tilt panel propping plans, you can be assured that your precast panels will be installed efficiently and with precision. Our detailed propping plan will outline the correct amount of props including the prop safety ratings required to safely prop your concrete panels during the construction phase of the project.

Precast Panel Fences

BG Cooke’s specialty precast offerings include precast panel fences. These are an excellent option for a solid and architectural look providing a low-maintenance fencing and entrance solution for your property. These can be customised with our custom moulds that can feature wood grain panelling effect and any design arrangement you may require such as business name or address cast into the panel.

Precast Wall Panels

With our precast wall panels, you can achieve a high-quality and cost-effective solution for your commercial construction project needs. Precast concrete wall panels provide a single cladding assembly builtĀ  in a controlled environment. They allow for quick and straightforward exterior finish walls for large commercial buildings. Durable precast concrete panels provide good structural framing, and heat, air, and moisture control.

Architectural Feature Precast Concrete Panels

BG Cooke’s customised architectural feature precast concrete panels add a unique touch to your building’s design while providing the durable benefits of precast panels. Our architectural precast panels offer unique and custom designs including moulded patterns and designs to create a custom look and feel for your building project.

Flat Slab Concrete Precast

Flat Slab Concrete Precast is a widely-used precast panel system that enables faster construction times and cost savings while maintaining a high level of structural integrity. BG Cooke’s Flat Slab offering is manufactured in our purpose built precast yard, ensuring a consistent, high-quality finish. With extensive experience and technical knowledge, Our precast team provides professional advice, construction and installation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free construction process.

Precast Concrete Swimming Pools

BG Cooke’s custom precast concrete swimming pools provide a low-maintenance and long-lasting option for your backyard oasis. Our concrete precast swimming pools are a stunning outdoor feature and are quick to install with all construction completed offsite.

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